update, so änderte sich das munchies, die Geschichte von 12 Munchies


Ours is a pretty classic Story. Three friends, Dominique Foertig, Daniel Kunzelmann and Ernst Koslitsch, one spring, sitting in a Garden drinking wine and wanting to do something new. Now. Together. 

It was always sunny at our place

Luck was on our side, Ernst had been eyeing a studio that was for rent at the Aumannplatz. We decided that the Studio could wait. We decided to rent the place, start something new and if it didn’t work out we could still turn it into a studio for ernst.

We had the perfect place. It didn’t take long and the idea of a small coffee, bakery and cake shop was born. We decided to concentrate on British and American cakes. Cakes you couldn’t get in Vienna at that time.

12 Munchies "Scheiterhaufen" was our Friday special from 2011 to 2014.
wie backt man einen brownie, cheesecake brownie von 12 Munchies, M&M Cookies, Scones mit Heidelbeeren

 Cakes with peanut butter, sponge cakes with all kinds of frostings, pies, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and Brownies. 

We started a businessplan, but soon saw that we just were not the type. The space was close to our homes, cheap, empty and there was´nt really a huge risk. So we just started, as simple as that.

We didn’t have much of a budget, so we renovated (a lot) on our own. We renovated and built our own furniture, we did the floors, painted everything in and out. We tiled the kitchen and tiled where else was necessary (well actually our friend Tina did the tiles and we watched in awe.)

12 Munchies, June, 2011 the first view-look at the first table


We spent long nights at home baking and trying out recipes. We went through every bureaucratic step to a T. We got an Accountant. We went to Courses, we visited Packaging companies (and I tell you the choice was very limited and extremely expensive.), shopping at Metro, all sorts of logistics.

We created a concept, created a logo, finally found a name, went online with Facebook and later on Instagram.


The journey of 12 Munchies begann 2011 and 8 years

Then in June 2011, we were ready and opened the doors of our Cafe, the 12 munchies, to the public for the very first time. By the end of the Year we were quite famous. Not only in our neighborhood, but all over Vienna and beyond.

the first coffee machine was a rocket 12 munchies
our first coffee machine before the fame E61

The munchies wasn’t just a cafe that made amazing sweets, it was a space where people came every day, a place away from home but like a home had that that same welcoming, safe and warm feeling. 

The 12 munchies won’t be forgotten for a long time. Kids grew up here and we watched them do it for 8 years, coming weekly with their parents. There were children books and yummy fun stuff to eat and they were allowed to touch everything. The parents could enjoy a coffee and a cake whilst their kids looked around, so both were happy. We were happy too, we enjoyed the families a lot.

dominique foertig shows the interior of 12 munchies aumannplatz 2011

Guests made friends in our cafe, they fell in love there, they celebrated special occasions there. It was special. But not everything is forever. In the end it just seemed to take up too much space in our lives. Its time for new adventures. We are still there. We are now also here

12 Munchies: Faema E 61



erik, Ernst und Daniel, Aumannplatz wien, legendary 12 munchies, meeting place, social sculpture, summer in vienna
Ernst, Daniel and Eric around 2014

Its crazy now looking back at the first pictures of the Cafe. We changed it around so often, depending on our mood and time of year.

12 munchies shows a picture what make them famous
the first Falter "Stadtzeitung" Image

First came the newspapers, then the Magazines and the Bloggers. Not too long after that the ORF (The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation is Austria’s largest media provider) asked if we would be interested to partake in a documentary about the „Sweet Vienna„(Das Süsse Wien), along side big names such as the Demel, Schwarzes Kameel and others.  This, of course, we accepted and were delighted to be part of.

Cupcakes, Sandwiches, Brownies, scones were among our guests favorites.

12 munchies blueberry cupcakes
the first view in falter Stadtzeitung shows that picture of 12 munchies
12 Munchies first image from 2011

I think what made the Cafe so Special was that three different yet like minded individuals brought to life an idea.

Famous classic Turkey Sandwich

We had a lot of know how, as all three of us had extensive restaurant business experience. We were also creative and had travelled a lot.

Basically though, we were just three friends doing what they knew how to do best, in a small space, off the beaten track and it worked.

12 munchies 2011
12 Munchies a view days before opening 2011

A small kitsch and over decorated place, with delicious sweets, quiches, sandwiches and coffee. A place that attracted all kinds of people from near and far.

people of weahring vienna at 12 munchies cafe

We had opened at a time when Vienna was ready for change. There were new small bakeries and Cafes popping up all over town and Vienna was slowly awakening to a new age of  food made with love.

First the cakes, then the Bread, healthy food places, vegan places and food trucks- a new Era of take away had just begun…


12 MUNCHIES 2011 the year we started 3 bakeries start there business: First it was Anna Kovacs with the Backraum in the „westbahnstrasse“ now Veganistas ( it was the first veganistas shop), Fett and Zucker and us with the 12 munchies. It was also the time of pop up bakeries in Vienna. Then came Mochi on the Praterstraße, with a new version of asian fusion cousins, Joseph Brot with Potocnic changed the bread baking industry business in Austria. Also,the Blogger fever had commenced in Austria. Between 2011-2015 everything changed in the restaurant and hotel business. 

We were pretty certainly one of the very first to offer  “ Pulled Pork“ sandwiches in Vienna and if we weren’t the first we were definitely the best. Daniels pulled pork sandwich was to die for.

12 Munchies (closed)
Türkenschanzstrasse 2/3
1180 Wien
0043-677 630 71 333

Ernst Koslitsch Studio
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