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Even if you never made it to the 12 Munchies, you have probably noticed Ernst Koslitsch. He’s the long-haired bearded guy standing mostly infront of 12 Munchies. He’s not just one of the munchies he’s also an artist. 

"Travel-Travel", Photography 120x100cm, Black and White

Ernst Koslitsch left home early and started a career as a Chef. He worked in restaurants such as Drei Husaren, Zum Finsteren Stern, Fabio and Hotel Intercontinental. He travelled the world as a cook on a large Cruise liner. Still he felt something was always missing and when he started to search what lacked in his life he found his inner artist awaken.

Through self-directed learning, research and workshops, he experimented with all forms of mediums. Then when that wasn’t enough he applied to the University of fine arts and was accepted.

There he studied under Gabriele Rothemann at the University of applied Arts, Vienna. He also studied at the Kunst Akademie under the artist Monica Bonvicini, sculpture and performative arts at the academy of fine arts also in Vienna.  Ernst Koslitsch graduated 2010!

12 Munchies artist Ernst Koslitsch
Artwork by Ernst Koslitsch, Ufo and creating worlds, yellow universe

When he graduated he spent some time experimenting but when he became a father the idea of starting a business seemed like the better option for the time being. That time being turned into 8 years with not enough time for working on his art. He missed that. Sometimes you need to reprioritize. 

artcollector , home, Ernst Koslitsch
12 Munchies and Ernst Koslitsch

IThe 12 munchies period, even though he wasn’t very active as an artist were learning years. He found a strength and an acceptance of himself and his work. Now he has the time to be fully what he feels he has to be. If you know him and have seen his work, you know thats true.

constructing mythology koslitsch ernst artworks at Galerie raum mit licht vienna