We always wanted to do a FAQ page for the 12 Munchies. Mainly because we hear a lot of strange, crazy and anbeliveble stories about our closing. Therefore, we think its the right time to start a FAQ U, 12 Munchies page. If you have a question, send us an email. The origin of Fake news right here, on our site, our truth, and nothing but the truth, and always where appropriate, a small portion of humor.

12 Munchies Cafe, Öffnungszeiten, wer testet die tester, cupcakes, die besten brownies von Wien

There are all kinds of people out there. Mostly I would say that generally people stay with their jobs. We aren’t like that. 8 Years ( in Words eight years) are good but pretty long if you knew how many more things we still want to do. Ernst is still here and uses the old 12 Munchies as his new studio space. Why? He is and always has been an Artist.You can find more detailed information to that on this site.

Will there be another Munchies. NO! But Ernst and Dominique are still there. Doing all kinds of things. Come talk to us. Find out whats happening. Say Hello.

The founders of the 12 Munchies are 3 friends, Dominique Foertig, Daniel Kunzelmann and Ernst Koslitsch.

  1. snacks or small items of food.
    „the nibbles and munchies were delicious“
    • a sudden strong desire for food.
      plural noun: the munchies
      „I bought a pork pie to stave off the munchies“

12 Munchies (closed)
Türkenschanzstrasse 2/3
1180 Wien
0043-677 630 71 333

Ernst Koslitsch Studio
Studio opening hours:
by appointment only


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