I lived in Athens, different parts of Switzerland, and France, Prague, Hamburg, Valencia, Berlin and Vienna, that shaped me. I have a Swedish Passport, my father is German and Swedish, my mother is Austrian raised in Germany. I have really close friends all over the world. In the States, in Australia, Thailand, Greece, Philippines, all over Europe. Places and people that have been influential in who I have become. I am from no country, I am from the world.

Now Dominique Foertig is the founder of the Gallery platform Munchies Art Club

munchies art club founder dominique foertig


Those who know me, know that I am the Queen of craft. Not because I am so brilliant at it, its because I love it so much and there is always something new I want to try out.

In my free time,(I try to arrange some me time, a few times a week) I am on Pinterest, creating my 100th board, with so much amazing and inspirational stuff.

When inspiration hits me, I end my spare time painting, drawing, cutting or glueing something.


My whole life has been affected by art. Already at school I knew that was the only thing, I felt a great passion for. My mother has a very special eye for beauty, be it in fashion, trends, design and decoration. She instilled that same passion in me. Her husband is an artist and so is mine. All my life, most of the friends I had were artists, collectors or gallerists in some form or another. My family has a house on the artsy Island Hydra, there I grew up in the presence of great beauty, culture, art and came in contact with great artists such as Brice Marden and Leonard Cohen.

“ I am from no country, I am from the world.“.,

the very best island in Greece is hydra island,
Hydra Island


When asked as a child what I wanted to be, I always answered that I wanted to be an artist. Nobody thought that was a good idea, mainly for 2 reasons, it wasn’t a REAL job and I just wasn’t that good. Then one day, I met someone who encouraged me to look into hotel management. I had just spent two months assisting a friend, with her brothers wedding. This took place on the small Saronic Island Hydra.

It involved, white washing the house, buying all kinds of things in Athens, and bringing it all together on the Island. We made our own decorations, built a Pergola, cooked for over 80 people, and on the day of the wedding, we made sure everything ran as smoothly as possible, and it did. One of the guests, was the director of a Hotel management school in London. He seemed impressed when told what I had been involved in and had accomplished. Long story short, it seemed like the more viable choice at the time.

So, instead of studying Art, I went to the Hotel Management school Les Roches, in Switzerland. There, I had such an amazing time that the arts were forgotten. Interestingly enough, I went to work in advertising. It was a chance thing and I jumped right into it.


First,  I was account assistant for the Austrian advertisement Company GGK in Prague, then I did Desktop Publishing in Hamburg and then Marketing in Athens. Distancing myself from the hotel business and slowly moving more into a creative direction.

Athens, my love

Settling in Vienna

When I once again moved back to Vienna, I went and had dinner with friends in an amazing small restaurant called „zum finsteren stern“ by the Bermuda dreieck. The place rekindled my dream of one day opening my own place. The owner Ella, was just planning on opening a second place, and so I started to work for her.

I learned a lot. But the best thing that happened is that I met Ernst there – my big love and father of our son Noel. Meeting him, seemed like the worst timing at the time, since I was in the midst of moving to Spain, with one of my best friends, so as to start a restaurant business in Valencia.

the best island in Greece, hydra no cars only donkeys
Sunset on Hydra

There was no stopping my move to Spain now, my friend had quit her amazing job at a very prestigious magazine in New York. We had already signed an apartment, our tickets were booked. As it turns out we were totally naive and blinded by what lay ahead of us. Still, we did have a really good time and an amazing apartment, but no business what so ever. Most of the Spanish people we met, spoke nothing but Spanish and even though we spoke quite well, we were lacking business jargon in our vocabulary, which made things even harder. The worst was realizing that we were not a good match for a business venture. Our strengths too alike and our weaknesses the same. The fact that I was constantly thinking and missing Ernst, didn’t help the matter much either.

At the time Ernst was studying at the University of fine arts in Vienna. We travelled back and forth a lot, but nothing was really developing on all fronts. Things between my friend and I went sour. Now looking back, after all this time, I believe we just both learned a lot about ourselves at the time, and found that we were simply moving in very different directions. So we ended our project, before it really started and moved away. 

Top 10 der schönsten Cafés in Wien, 1000things to do in Vienna, Tip, Trend
12 munchies Cafe

One of my best friends from Vienna, had just moved to Berlin. When I went to visit him there, I fell in love with the City. Not wanting to go back to Vienna, I decided to move to Berlin. It was a very easy commute for Ernst who was spending more and more time with me. We loved living together in Berlin. We were free young and in love. We had friends and family there. It was perfect. When I became pregnant, we moved back, we decided it to be the better option with a child. We are blessed with a small but beautiful apartment, in a safe and friendly district of Vienna. In the end, I finally did open my own place. I made my dream come true and opened a Cafe in Vienna with Ernst and our dear friend Daniel. This time, we all had different qualities. Where we had a weakness another had a strength, that worked out perfectly for us. 

12 munchies, cakes, bakery, Vienna, sweets, food
12 munchies sweets

It was an amazing time. Inside of me had been harboring a natural talent and love for baking. The three of us, were able to make the Cafe a place, people knew and loved. Now that its closed, I am free once again to re-orientate myself and start fresh again, as I have done so often in the past and never regretted it. Daniel, left the Cafe after 6 years, he moved on to new projects. Ernst and I continued 2 more years, probably one year too many. We have been wanting to concentrate more on art again. I want to support Ernst as his muse and as his manager. I realized that the only way I would be able to do that, was if I found away to increase his visibility. What better way to do that but online. So, I spent the past year, learning as much as I could on the subject. Going to courses, workshops, reading on the subject, watching endless youtube videos and endless research. I came to the conclusion that with all I learned, I could not only help Ernst, but so many of his talented friends too. Therefore, I am starting an online Platform called the munchiesart.club ,there I will be showing and selling, contemporary Austrian artists.

The starting date is around the corner and I am scared and excited and also, can’t wait to begin. 

More details will follow, as soon as the platform is officially online.

So this is a short resumé of my life and how I came to be where I am now. Here is to a new beginning, hope you want to be part of it.

Stay tuned.

Kisses D

interior cafe
12 munchies



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