Now and future: for those of you wandering what we are doing after the munchies cafe: pretty much more of what we already did before. Just that our main focus is now on the art world. Dominique Foertig founded the gallery and artist platform Munchies art club and Ernst Koslitsch is there where he always belonged – in his studio doing what he loves most being an ARTIST!

Munchies art club or platform Vienna is online since end of April 2020 and we are excited to present young talents from the arts, great exhibitions from Austria and abroad and collaborations with galleries. Ernst koslitsch new website, was also one of our projects. In the meantime Ernst had a solo show at the gallery Raum mit licht called We have to move the island and he participated at this years Art Brussels 2020.

If you you want to learn more, or reconnect with us visit our Munchies Art club or follow us on Instagram , or check out Ernst digital studio. Our old Cafe in Währing, is now our workspace. Munchies art club office and ernst koslitsch studio, together working in a space so full of memories inspiration and community. We want that again, just on a totally different sphere.

for those of you wandering what we are doing after the munchies cafe: pretty much more of what we already did before. Just that our main focus is now on the art world.


December 31st, 2018 we finally did, what we felt we needed to do, we ended the era of our much loved Cafe, 12 munchies.

The Cafe is gone. We on the other hand are still there. For a short time, we wanted to pass on the Munchies. Finally, we realized how much we loved the place and decided to keep the space. The area around the Aumannplatz, full of lovely neighbors, friends and family.

ernst koslitsch, dominique foertig, 12 munchies, best cafe, wien

Which ever paths we end up following, we want it to happen here. Its a place with good vibes. Its always sunny.

Cool in Summer and warm and cozy in winter. The Building where our space is, is full of really wonderful people, many now good friends.

We are working on quite a few different projects at the moment. Hopefully we will be more present in our space 2020.

was ist das 12 Munchies, die Kult Cafes aus Wien, das kleinste Kaffee in Wien, Währing, Türkenschanzpark, Gründer

For now and in future, this will be our main platform of communication. Here we want to share all kinds of things. Art, food, travel, stories, events, workshops, exhibitions and all things to do with our district. We think there will be something of interest for everyone, enjoy.

Thank you for your support.


Here we thank Anna from the Backraum, who gave us our first official job! After the opening we met Robert from POC Cafe and that was our second client.

We thank our amazing Blogger friend Madeleine Alizadeh „Daria Daria“ and we thank H.Hanna and Alexandra Palla who were among the first to write highly of us. 

We thank Florian Holzer who wrote such wonderful things about us. We thank Horst Felzl and the new owner of Bäckerei Felzl,  we thank Alexander Mairinger. We thank Eric our neighbor who always lent a helping hand when we needed one. Frau Mühlberger the owner of our location

We are thankful for our neighbors. First our dearly missed neighbour Andreas Greitbauer and then the lovely Marktweiber girls Susanne and Michi. We are thankful for all the wonderful people we met through the 12 munchies Cafe. We are thankful for all the love. 

Eight years are now over and it is time for something different. So step one as we don’t have the Cafe anymore as a form of contact, we need a new source of communication. What we always wanted to do but never had the time for, a website.

A website about the district, our city, its people, us, our trips, recipes, ideas, art projects, workshops, etc.

So check out our blog and there you will surely find something of interest.


Kathi, Michael, Ian and Emma Gerlich; Stefanie + Palina + Hector and Tim Greco, Simone Lieschke, Clea, Jena and Tobias, Claudia Foertig, Johannes and Dagmar, Barbara and Christian Zürn, Daisie Giannopoulos, Auri Hummer and family, Philip Jakober and Family, Brigitte and Christian Spiegelfeld, Michael Parenti and Mark, Christine and Simon Tyrrell (from the room inside the 60ies shop, Kutschkermarkt), Evi Riess, Nicole (Niki), Florence and Alexander Giese, the best story teller ever Osi, Leo and his mother, Georg „Georg Froewis“ from the old peoples home, Herta and Manfred Greitbauer and family, Sarah, Elias and Lovis, Gaba Beran + Coco( Fashion-Designer), KoKo Demner, Frau Lorre from the munchies building as well as the much loved Frau Weiss, the Nöstinger family, Tina Lindemann, Robert Zöchling, Stefan Patrick Weidhofer and his Familiy, Susanne and Michi ( or also known as the ex-Marktweiber), Tom Brown and his Boys, Udo Titz, Silvia Nossek, Thomas, Michael Kantor, Alexander Mairinger ( Schremser Bier Man ), Reini, Peter and Sonja Lechner, Geri und Werner Weiss und Kids,  Isabella Boutanni , Jakob, Leo and his family , Rikki Stricker, Regina Kail-Urban und Michael Urban, Barbara Bonka alias the Herbeck, Oliver, Hanna, Theo and Mia Dellago (+1), Hanna Palme the singer songwriter, Julian Rungalltier and his wife, Joe and Patrizia (we walk walls), Melissa Lumbroso and family, Julian Runggaldier and his wife, Thomas and Alisa Frame and Kids: Parker and Morgan

From Costumers to friends and more...

Miriam Gruber, Nevin Kabak , Parvin Razavi, Wolfgang Schlögel, Heidi List + Ferdi + Toni and Thomas Maurer, SooYeon Valentina Lee, Claudius Rauter aka Die Waldfee zaubert, Maria Althuber-Griesmayer aka Tante Mitzi and family, the Winged Heron aka Angie ( Teas and Cake no Chocolate), Katharina Marcher, Anna Dell’Erba and Joao and Kids, Günther Spatz aka „Schrotti“, Clemens Torggler the one and only Mr. Passalacqua Vienna , Patricia Muma, Reini and Babsi, Madeleine Alizadeh aka Daria Daria, Anna Kovacs the architect and former backraum owner now surf and Yoga House Vienna. Barbara Wirl, Ann-Barbara Kessler, Tristan St. James, Vera Leonard und Doro, Elisabeth Brosch, Isabella Kosian and family. Boban and his beautiful girls, Susanne Siokola-Tomandl and family, Denise and Family, Mirjam Blechner, Christof und Alice, Agnes Balazs, Kylie Harter and family, Michael Rainer, Foxgun Starchild, Daniela Stenzenberger including Silvin and Son, Gabriele Scannell, Markus Thums, Markus Wegner-Pumpernickel or more known as Mr. Hafenjunge Vienna, Bianca Sünbold (Backraum), Margarete and Simon Weber-Unger  Mr. Glasfabrik and wissenschaftliches Kabinet, Lisa and Gustav Gschossmann + Hanna and Lilly, Sabine Spoegler-Dinse + Axel and Family, Lucas On Dimand the greatest, Andreas Jakwerth Mr. Photography and former neighbour, Mirsad Sadikovic, Petra Hartlieb Bookshop queen in Währing, Jan Pöltner from 1000thingstodoinvienna, Dieter and Mika Rappold and kids, Fritz Maierhofer, Dominik Haym, Astrid Kaltenböck, Philip Feyer, Richard Holmes Mr. Britwurst, Dalia Sarig-Fellner, Rainer Hödl Saftmensch, Jan Karlsson from Makava and Klaus from Makava, Lemonaid Wien, Linda Steinbauer,  Claudia Busser Mrs. KEK in Wien, Barni and Richarda, Renée Parenti, Günter Handlbauer, Schwester Karoline from the Carolusheim, poc cafe Robert, Babsi Stiegelbauer and her Man Gallery IKO Art, …

We also say thank you to the media and partners

Florian Holzer and the Falter and Gault Millau Magazine, The great Team around KeK in Wien, Ernst Grandits and the Team of das süße Wien ( ORF und 3sat), Jan Pöltner from 1000things to to in Vienna, The group around Vienna Würstelstand, H.Hanna and there Blog, Daria Daria Insta and blog, Wienerin, Vor das U-Bahnmagazine, Cecilia Dames, die Stadtspionin, Stadtbekannt, die grünen Währing, National geographic, Stephan Haller from Lemonaid, …

* if your name is not on the list, its a long list and if you know us you know its not personal, just plain old forgetful at times. So when ever we realize, wait a minute can’t believe it but we forgot to put so and so on the thanks list, we will update remorsefully.


This page is not only about what we are doing but also what is happening around us. Its also a thank you page and a site where u can remember our 8 years of 12 munchies business. Remember the cafe ist closed and we will not be baking anymore. Life is too short for just one project! Its time for something new.

Thanks to our friends which are listed at the bottom of this page. If you are not on the list its because there are so many special people and we are adding names constantly. If you can’t find your name please remind us to name you!  Get our newsletter : Continue to be a part of our journey and if you are new then welcome to our community.

Our new project is a munchie art club more information will be released soon . If u are an artist and would like to be informed or even partake in our new art club, do so below.



One of the many things we wanted to do but never ended up doing, was a website. I guess, one of the main reasons was, that we discovered a very simple and free form of communication our 12 Munchies Facebook Page and Instagram 12 Munchies.

Rhabarber-Galette-12 Munchies

We want to give this website a try. See where this leads us. Our goal is to keep you interested. We hope you partake on this Journey with us.


rezepte, Öffnungszeiten, Währing, 12 Munchies recomments,
Inspirational and one our inspiration from 2010: The Momofuku Milk Bar in New York, klick on the image and via affiliate link you can buy the book
best and cool places in Vienna to visit, 12 munchies währing

 As many other ideas, the project website was pushed aside for the lack of energy and time. The 12 munchies Cafe was a lot of fun, but also extremely time consuming. Now, that the Cafe is closed, time is finally at our disposal again. 

12 munchies alien, art and new projects

We did this on our own, so we will develop as we go. We have learned so much about web design that that alone was worth it.


Over the last 8 years as the Munchies, we were so much more than a place where people came to drink coffee, eat cake and sandwiches

12 munchies cafe game changer in Vienna, the best places in Vienna

Here we want to inform you on events, places to eat and drink. Where to shop and how to get the best out of this city and other unexpected things we have enjoyed together. We want you to participate here and in our former cafe.

We were a meeting point in our district for like minded. This should not end just because there is no more cafe. We want to connect with you through our social media pages.

12 munchies the hottest place in vienna

We were a place of information, connecting, helping, advising.  Our guests were friends or family, who connected with us and each other.

12 munchies vienna meeting point for kids and parents

A space where all kinds of events will be taking place. Ernst and I want to continue being together with you just not in a form of a cafe. We care about all of you and look forward to connecting with you again after our absence.

12 munchies Wien wie es isst und der falter waren 8 jähre unser Begleiter

If you were happy that we were there, if your kids bought Brownies and cupcakes at the 12 munchies, if you were in any way our guest, our friend, our neighbor, thank you. Thank you for the amazing 8 years.

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